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August 2017

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industry, committed to what he believed to be right, and for the welfare of the community. At an early age he had committed his life to the Lord Jesus Christ as his Saviour and Lord and this moulded the rest of his life.

It was Dr Walter Hadwen who, in 1906, ensured that the building known as 'Albion Hall' came into being, later to become known as Southgate Evangelical Church.


It started with this gentleman, Dr. Walter Hadwen.

In October 1896, Dr Hadwen moved from Highbridge to Gloucester where he opened a doctor’s surgery in Barton Street

At this time he was 42 years old and at what might be considered the peak of his physical and mental powers. He lived for another 36 years, becoming not only a national, but also an international figure, so that today, over 70 years after his death, there is an Internet web-page for ‘The Dr Hadwen Trust’ and a medical practice in the city bearing his name.

Behind the public persona of Walter Hadwen was a deep personal faith which marked him out as a man of unshakeable integrity and unstinting

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