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August 2017

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Scripture Songs for Worship  

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You may be curious about the word “Evangelical” in our Church name. ‘Evangel’ (derived from the Greek evangelion) means “Good News”, and “evangelical” relates to its proclamation or those bringing it. Christians find the Bible’s good news to be news of real hope, so very different from much of the news in the media. Our desire is to share the Bible’s good news with all people.

This Good News is in contrast to the bad news that by nature all mankind, all of us, are born in a condition of estrangement from God and under His condemnation. The Bible shows clearly that it is our sin, our wrongdoing, which separates us from Him, and is the root cause of all the world’s conflict, violence, suffering, and even why we die. However, the Bible also tells us that we can be restored to a personal relationship with God. This is because He sent the Lord Jesus Christ into the world to share our humanity, to stand in our place. But more than that, in His crucifixion Jesus bore in His sinless body God’s punishment of our sin. When we receive Christ, believing and trusting in Him, we receive God’s forgiveness through Him, and are “born again” into a new life in Christ which He promises is eternal. And there is so much more to learn of God’s love. The Lord Jesus said “…unless one is born again he cannot see the kingdom of God” (John 3:3).

We hope you will accept our invitation to come, understand more, respond to God’s word, and experience God’s love for yourself.