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August 2017

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Will you “Seek the LORD, while He may be found”?  No matter how long our lives may be, life will one day come to an end; it’s true for all of us. But what then, and where then for our souls? The Bible makes plain that God has planted eternity in every human being, and the mere expiry of our body in death is not the end of existence, but rather its continuance, and we remain accountable before God.

Eventually every soul will, in a resurrected body, stand before Him to give account. Before such awesome purity, if you have not been reconciled to God in life, not received the forgiveness offered through the Lord Jesus Christ, how will it be with you in that great day of judgement? Will you remain guilty, condemned and lost, having trusted in your own efforts which fall so short of God’s glory, and thus be unable to enter the Heavenly Kingdom where Jesus is, where God is?  Or would you rather be forgiven, justified, accounted perfectly righteous, saved, and welcomed into the Kingdom of Heaven? Be assured that you can be; through faith (trust) alone in the Person of Christ, the perfect One, who in His life and sacrificial death satisfied all the righteous demands of His Father on our behalf, carrying sin, our sin and your sin, to the cross, so that we, and you may be saved.

Will you pray, will you call upon Him, and receive Him as your Saviour today?

Continued from “What we Believe”

We care and have concern for the well being of all people. In Christ’s love we are here to help you in understanding these vital issues, and will do all we can to help. We will also pray with you if you wish. You are welcome to visit us on a Sunday morning or call in at Church for coffee on a Saturday morning at Open Doors.

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